When it’s time to create a profile on a dating app

Tiny tweaks, such as switching up the order of photos or moving around some words in a bio, can keep your profile fresh. It can also help your profile rank higher in the algorithm that determines which profiles get served up to new users.

1. You’re ready to start dating

Since the coronavirus pandemic, dating has shifted a lot more online. People now rely on apps more than ever to meet potential matches. But creating a profile on a dating app can be confusing, especially with all of the unwritten rules that aren’t always obvious.

A well-written profile can set you apart from other users. It’s also important to include a few flattering photos of yourself (no cropped images). Using pictures that show your face and full body is best. Also, make sure that your photos are recent and reflect a true representation of how you look now.

A good profile can get you a ton of likes and matches. But over time, your profile may start to get shown less and less as the app tries to balance new profiles with its monetization strategy. This is why it’s important to constantly improve your photos, app choice, prompts and bio. Adding details about your hobbies, character traits and interests is a great way to stand out.

2. You’re looking for a serious relationship

In a lot of ways, when you start getting serious about dating someone, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to talk to them about where you see your relationship going. Serious doesn’t necessarily mean a commitment to exclusivity, or that you plan on getting married someday, but it does imply a level of consistency in spending time together and a mutual desire to care about each other on a regular basis.

Studies show that both men and women are drawn to profiles that display emotional availability. When given the choice between a sexy but emotionally unavailable person, or someone less attractive but appears caring and available, both genders tended to choose the latter.

Make sure your profile pictures reflect this by choosing a single headshot for your main photo and adding one or two group photos in addition to the one of you alone. In the text of your profile, you can also mention your sense of humor to let people know that you’ll be a fun person to talk to.

3. You’re ready to get serious

It may be tempting to put your sexiest photos up first, but that is a risky move. Studies show that men and women prefer someone who appears emotionally available rather than sexy or attractive.

Instead, focus on putting up more pictures that showcase your personality. For example, if you love to travel, share photos from your last trip. Also, write about your favorite parts of the trip or why you enjoy traveling in general.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it’s important to keep that in mind when crafting your profile. Skip the pessimism, sarcasm, or politically heated jokes unless you know your audience can read between the lines. Using humor in your dating profile can help to set you apart from others and help spark conversations, but be careful not to go overboard.

4. You’re ready to meet someone new

A good online dating profile is like a resume: it has to communicate who you are and what you want. It should also be a work in progress.

For example, if you say that you are interested in a cultured person, but your photos are mostly of you wearing jeans and drinking wine, that can send the wrong message to potential matches. Similarly, if your bio is super short or doesn’t include an ice-breaker question, it can seem closed off.

And, even if you don’t think your profile is that bad, it is always worth a professional review by a dating expert, especially one who can help with swiping etiquette, app choice and monetization strategies. Just a few tweaks and improvements to photos, captions, bios and the like can improve your results drastically. Just keep in mind, apps are constantly A/B testing algorithms and features so they can monetize users. This means that your profile will be seen less and less over time unless you have a paid boost or subscribe to an app’s Boost Package.

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